An Uncommon Gentlemen Series

“There is one thing I have learned, and I shall pass this on to you. Nothing matters, not titles or money or status. All of it means nothing without love.”

The Accidental Duke
The Accidental Duke

Book 1

“She wanted to take him inside herself and know what it was truly like to be one…”

The Guardian of the Marquess
The Guardian of the Marquess

Book 2

“He looked up then, catching her eye, then to her shock, bent his head and teased…”

The Captain's Secret Baby
The Captain’s Secret Baby

Book 3

“She grabbed hold one of the bed’s four posters, as she felt her knees go weak…”

A Diamond for the Detective
A Diamond for the Detective

Book 4

“Lean back,” he instructed.
She did as he asked…

The Accidental Duke
Violet and the Viscount

Book 5

“She felt something in her chest give way, and she arched again, needing to feel him…”

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